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MiddleEasy Memorial Day Special

Wouldn’t it be cool if every branch of the armed forces came together to compete in a huge MMA tournament under their respective military branch? It’s so amazing of an idea that it already happened just a couple months ago and you probably didn’t even know. The Armed Forces Championship Fight Series went down March 2010 and featured the Army, Navy, Air Force and Military competing under unified Pankration rules (which is essentially MMA with no hitting in the face). In the end of the day-long tournament, two Marine teams (Camp Pendleton and Twentynine Palms) were left to compete in the championship match. Camp Pendelton’s Cole Jones edged out Omar B. Askew in a victory of 24-12, a win so celebrated that the US Marines still brag about it on their official site.

So this is our Memorial Day special for all of those out there who have enabled me to live in a country where I can photoshop MMA fighters’ heads on the bodies of hot chicks and not be arrested by an oppressive police state. Check out the final match of the 2010 Armed Forces Championship Fight Series and a Happy Memorial Day in your general direction.

Update: I took out the video because it was the autoplay feature was just entirely too annoying. The video can be found here.

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