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MiddleEasy is back online, whew!

MiddleEasy is back online, whew!

After a weekend devoid of everything MiddleEasy, we finally made our triumphant return Sunday night after a string of unforeseeable head-smashing-into-a-wall bouts of frustration. Upgrade one thing, it breaks another. Fix it — and then something else collapses into a cloud of digital dust. I don’t even remember what sleep feels like.

However, MiddleEasy has been escorted into the 6th dimension through the means of an intuitive design. Try getting on your smart phone or iPad. Ah, look at that. It actually fits your device. At the top of MiddleEasy is now a tab for Street MMA — due entirely to the thousands of people that have demanded it over the years. We’re still going to include the MiddleEasy Network bar at the very top of the site so that you can access all of your BJJ and Kickboxing news from and as well as your apparel stuff from

You’ll also notice squares at the top of the page. Those tabs represent a random mix of articles composed this week, which will refresh with a new selection on each load. It’s like a grab bag of new content. Our banners are also bigger to prolong the life of your eyes. See, we’re always thinking about your health.

Upon migrating to the new site, we were forced to dump everyone’s account in an attempt to stop these spammers from flooding the sites with Gucci handbag sales pitches. We suggest everyone register on MiddleEasy. By doing so, you’ll be able to take part in some of the nutty things we have planned for the rest of 2012 and beyond.

You’ll also notice that on the bottom of the page is a grid of some of your favorite and most popular old-school MiddleEasy articles. Enjoy them. That’s the special sauce on the Big Mac.

We do know that there’s a lot more stuff to add on the site along with (probably) a lot of videos that don’t work or aren’t properly sized. It’s going to take us a while to go through each one of these 9,500+ articles — but we will.

Also, yes we know the server is slow. It’s like the third round of a heavyweight fight here. Since we couldn’t figure out the problem, we’ve enlisted the geekiest people at Media Temple to promptly solve the problem at 6:00 am PST.

This past weekend, we found some gems in the MMA world so once things are running on all cylinders, we’ll debut some of it. Oh, and yeah — I still owe you a Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

By the way, did any of you really make a sandwich and split it with a stranger over the weekend?

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