Mickey Rourke is in love with Frank Shamrock

The Wrestler is one of those films I tell people I haven’t seen to prevent ‘Do you remember that part when…’ conversations. Everyone has that friend, that guy that loves to share his favorite part of a movie and recreate the entire scene in the middle of your living room regardless of whether you’re trying to catch ESPN’s Top Ten List at 1am in the morning. You know that guy, he’s the same dude that wouldn’t let the ‘I’m Rick James Bitch’ go even after Rick James friggin died. We all have friends like that, whatever you do tonight…strive hard not to be that guy. Your first step, check out Mickey Rourke talking about his bro-mance with Frank Shamrock on MMAHeat (with that hot chick that everyone’s seen on TV but people always forget her name). [Source]



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