Michelle Waterson Wins Felice Herrig Via Unanimous Decision!

What A Domination Of Michelle Waterson Over Felice Herrig, Great Three Rounds!

We are live from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are following the amazing Strawweight showdown between Michelle Waterson and Felice Herrig. This is the first fight of UFC 229 main card!

Round 1

Good low kick by Herrig. She is very aggressive, one more good kick. Excellent front high kick by Michelle. Again good front high kick by Waterson, great movement, and she misses a head kick. Herrig pressures her. Waterson switches guard, tries with a side kick. Herrig misses again, great side kick by Karate Hottie. Herrig with a body kick. Awesome two low kicks by Herrig, and side kick to the knee by Waterson. Herrig misses with a left hook.

Herrig misses again with a head kick, holding the cage control. Herrig is on the inside Waterson pulls back. Herrig misses with a head kick and few punches to the head. Waterson too short on a body kick. Felice Herrig misses a lot.

Transition To The Clinch By Felice Herrig!

What a combo by Herrig, two great punches, she is in the clinch in an underhook position.

Waterson on the cage defeneding, Felice pressures her against the cage. Good knee by Waterson, Herrig holds her against the fence. Waterson lands an elbow against the cage and defends well from a takedown. Double underhook by Herrig, and good knee. But Karate Hottie is so tough! Waterson lands few punches! Great right hook by Waterson and the end of the round. Probably a round for Herrig!

Round 2

Great exchange in the beginning, and fighters in the clinch again. Great knees, but the fighters split up. Herrig dominates the clinch and pushes Waterson on the cage. What a knee off the clinch by Waterson, and great punch by Lil Bulldog.

What an elbow!

Fighters are not active. But Waterson and Herrig land good knees.

Waterson Dominates!

Great elbow by Waterson and world-class left high kick. What a takedown by Michelle Waterson and a transition to mount. What a counter!

Waterson is in the half-guard, punishing Herrig with elbows! Good punches off the top by Waterson. Herrig can’t make a transition. Good punches to the body by The Karate Hottie. And few to the head too, Herrig very passive. She uses no hips at all, Waterson is in the full guard. Good hook by Waterson, looks like Herrig waits for the end of the round. Waterson presses her against the cage, tries upkicks. Good triangle attempt by Herrig. But she defends it well, Waterson defends. The end of the round, Waterson won.

Round 3

What a right punch and high kick by Waterson, but Herrig again in the clinch. Great exchange and awesome left hook. Side kick miss by Waterson. Waterson tries a takedown, Herrig counters and ends on top. No armbar for Waterson, Herrig in the full guard.

Good elbows for Waterson from the back, Herrig can’t do anything. Good right hand by Herrig. More elbows by Waterson. Waterson going for the Omoplata, but Herrig escapes, few more punches.

Great punches off the bottom, Waterson dominates.

The referee stands them up.

Waterson goes for a new takedown, single leg defended by Herrig. Herrig pushes her on the cage again. Good left knee by Waterson, and amazing left hook by Herrig. Good side kick to the knee by The Karate Hottie. Waterson misses elbow and front kick, Herrig in the clinch again. Right hook missed by Waterson, clinch again. Good right knee by Waterson. What a tough match to call! Let’s see the scorecards!

Result: Michelle Waterson wins Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 30-27)

 Watch the highlights below:

Michelle Waterson improves the score to 16-6 MMA, 3-2 UFC , while Felice Herrig drops to 14-8 MMA, 5-3 UFC.

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