Video: Michael Johnson starches Dustin Poirier in the 1st Round and Dan Miragliotta Loses a Shoe

Yesterday at the weigh-ins, Dustin Poirier was un-punkable by Michael Johnson. Well, that didn’t seem to matter a damn bit in the fight tonight at UFC Hidalgo. After all the trash talk and all the out-of-cage aggressive actions, what matered was what went down in the Octagon and Johnson absolutely blitzed Poirer to take the win.

Dan Miragliotta rushed over so fast to stop the fight that he lost his frickin’ shoe, guys. Just like that, Poirier’s “frate trane” run at Lightweight is cut short by the dude who just got tooled, pointed and laughed at by one Nate Diaz.

Speaking of, after the knockout Johnson got on the mic and went crazy saying that Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz were making money for sparring. Johnson said pay me, baby and that he had the fastest hands in the division and wants a title shot. I don’t know about that, but Johnson sure did knock the hell out of Poirier.

Right after, Anthony Pettis called Johnson out. Does that mean he won’t get the Jose Aldo fight at UFC 205?

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