Michael Jai White Trashes ‘F—king Classless’ Conor McGregor For Threatening Dustin Poirier’s Family: ‘F—k You For Life’

Hollywood martial artist Michael Jai White rips into Conor McGregor for his behavior after losing to Dustin Poirier

Michael Jai White Conor Mcgregor
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As a lifelong martial artist, Michael Jai White understands the importance of respecting your enemy. That is why, after the way Conor McGregor has been acting towards Dustin Poirier, he says that he is no longer a fan of the Irishman.

White admittedly has a soft spot for Poirier, after the two worked together on the movie Never Back Down 2. However he also says that he was a fan of McGregor too, making it hard to pick a side in this rivalry.

Although as he explained in a recent interview, that decision became much clearer after the Irishman’s behavior, following his leg getting broken at UFC 264. Michael says that the way Conor has been threatening Dustin’s family is crossing the line, and that he is no longer going to watch any of Conor’s fights moving forward.

“I don’t know what the darkness is that would make him threaten a man’s family after a f—king loss. That s—t is just classless. That’s f—king classless. I don’t know what that is but I don’t think I’ll ever watch a fight of his anymore,” White said.

“F—k that dude. I’m sorry. You’ve gotta draw a line somewhere. He threatened to kill this man, he started speaking about this man’s wife… That was just ugly… If you’re going to say some s—t like that, it’s in you somewhere. It’s like, f—k you for life. It’s classless. I was a diehard fan of this guy but I didn’t know who this guy was then.”

Michael Jai White Is Not A Conor McGregor Fan Anymore

Michael Jai White said that he was a fan of Conor McGregor but that is no longer the case after this recent fight. It was more than just the comments about Dustin Poirier that turned him off though.

He explained that the way Conor was acting about the loss itself, also presented red flags to the Hollywood action star. To see Conor arguing about what type of loss it was seemed to show him that the Irishman was not in a stable place mentally.

“Yeah, you lost a fan on that one. It’s the same as if I broke your ribs in a fight. You lose. The fact is, it’s not like he was winning that damn fight. It wasn’t even close,” White said.

“I think at his best, he wouldn’t have beaten Khabib. After a while, people start getting your number. I saw in that last fight, Dustin started getting his timing. McGregor is an excellent technician, brilliant mind, fighter, everything. But after a while, somebody knows your tricks, they know what you’re capable of.”

What do you make of this assessment from Michael Jai White? Did Conor McGregor lose a portion of his fanbase after his reaction to the third fight with Dustin Poirier?

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