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Michael Chisea talks to us about cheese, beards and Cody McKenzie

Michael Chisea talks to us about cheese, beards and Cody McKenzie

I can’t help but think ‘Jesus’ when I watch this interview Layzie filmed with Michael Chisea yesterday at the TUF Finale media workouts. I know the whole calling someone with a beard and long hair ‘Jesus’ is so cliche’ but that is what happens when you are forced to attend a suburban American Catholic vacation bible school during the summer for the first 8 years of your life. You end up with this brown haired, scruffy bearded, blue eyed white Jesus images ingrained into your subconscious. You also end up with images of burning alive in the firey pits of hell for being a horrible disgusting human, born into sin thanks to Adam eating some apple given to him by a naked chick named Eve in a garden and flashbacks of pasty faced ruler wielding evil nuns.

All of those threats of going to hell and being punished for being a dirty sinful human being were just a little too much for me, so that whole Catholic thing went right out the window. Not even Jesus, can smile at all that burn in hell stuff. Have you ever noticed there’s almost no pictures created of the image of Jesus in which the man is smiling? There is something not right about that. I don’t know, maybe Jesus was just too gangster to smile. Dude sounds like he was probably a pretty chill guy to hang around with, but if you can’t even crack a smile at least once while someone is painting your portrait you are far too serious for me to follow your lead.

Michael Chisea on the other hand, smiles a whole bunch in this interview and that helps me block out those images of satan under my bed and nuns hurling rulers at my knuckles. He seems pretty stoked about his fight tomorrow night at the TUF Finale. Check him out talking to us about how he earned the nickname “Cheese”, his friendship with Cody McKenzie and that ever growing beard of his. Whileyou are at it, go ahead  and subscribe to MiddleEasyTV on YouTube and check out other footage from the TUF media scrums.

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