Michael Chandler Fractured His Shinbone at UFC 274 When He knocked Out Tony Ferguson 

Michael Chandler knocked Tony Ferguson out at UFC 274 with just two kicks, but he did suffer from some injuries following the fight

Chandler On Ferguson
Chandler On Ferguson - Image via @mikechandlermma Instagram

The UFC 274 event saw Michael Chandler fracture his shinbone while throwing two kicks at Tony Ferguson in a fight against the latter.

A brutal front kick from Chandler knocked out Ferguson with one of the greatest knockouts in promotional history last weekend at UFC 274. When Ferguson fell, he was unconscious as the Phoenix crowd went wild for the knockout of the year candidate.

Chandler’s right eye was badly swollen after Ferguson’s first round in the fight. Chandler said at The MMA Hour, after the fight that he’s likely fractured his shinbone and dislocated his finger.

“God did not create our bones to crack up against each other like we do. I threw two kicks in that fight – one on Tony’s inside right leg as he was a southpaw. He switched stances and I hit him with a really hard low kick as well.  So [my] shinbone is jacked up, could have a fracture in there. My ankle has had some problems in the past. Obviously, the dislocated finger… it was definitely a hundred percent dislocated after having Dr. Davidson look at it.”

A CT scan was ordered for Ferguson after the knockout, but he returned home unscathed. As a result of Chandler’s victory, ‘El Cucuy’ congratulated him and vowed to return stronger than ever after medical suspension.

After winning, Chandler, who admits he doesn’t do front kicks in training, asked Conor McGregor to fight him at welterweight. Likewise, Nate Diaz has also made a case why he should be given a shot at Chandler, mentioning July 30 as a possible date.

‘Iron’ Chandler has admitted he has no intention of facing UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier, who mocked Chandler for not fighting him. 

“It would be Diaz. I have no interest in fighting Dustin, honestly.” Chandler said When asked about his next opponent.

“To be quite honest, I think he’s a great dude. I think I like him for the sport, but I also think I was completely disregarded and pushed aside whenever I came into the organization. He completely disregarded me, he acted as though I didn’t deserve to be where I was.”

By knocking out Ferguson, former Bellator champ Chandler has snapped a two-fight losing streak. Ferguson has now lost four straight fights. Prior to returning to the field, Chandler will be subjected to a 30-day medical suspension, MRI scan, and CT scan.

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