Michael Bisping Trashes Dillon Danis In Recent Exchange: ‘Go Shine Conor’s Shoes You Loser’

Dillon Danis went on a social media tyraid, starting with a callout to Ben Askren and Jake Paul, and it leads to an intense exchange with Michael Bisping

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The subject of the recently announced Jake Paul vs Ben Askren boxing match is a controversial one, to say the least. When Bellator fighter Dillon Danis spoke up about the fight, it ended with he and Michael Bisping trading insults.

Oddly enough, both Bisping and Danis were possible opponents for YouTube boxer Jake Paul’s third pro fight. Dillon even seemed to be the likely option, after Jake’s drive-by toilet paper bombing.

In the end though, it was revealed that the YouTuber would be facing off against Olympic wrestler and former MMA world champion Ben Askren, in a pro boxing match that goes down in April.


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Michael Bisping and Dillon Danis Trade Words

The announcement of this fight left many people in the MMA community giving their hot takes. Among them was, of course, Dillon Danis, who took to Twitter to say he could beat both men in a boxing match in the same night.

“I could literally on god beat @jakepaul and @Benaskren in a boxing match back to back on the same night 😂”

UFC Hall of Famer and former middleweight champion Michael Bisping caught wind of these comments, and could not help but find it ironic, given Dillon’s BJJ background and limited striking. He responded, pointing out that irony.

“A YouTuber, a wrestler and a jujitsu guy talking big about boxing is an insult to the sweet science.”

This prompted Danis to fire back, telling the former champ to stick to commentary. He also said that if he were to box Mike, he would damage the Englishman’s one good eye.

“stay in the commentary booth where it’s safe otherwise you will need more than sweet science to fix what i would do to your other eye in a boxing ring you twat”

In response, Bisping utterly buried Danis, bringing up his rather limited MMA record. He also mentioned Dillon’s relationship with MMA superstar Conor McGregor.

“Big words for an unproven fighter. The 2, yes only 2 fighters you’ve faced have records of 2-5 and 2-4 😂 Please for the love of god, shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing yourself. Also you had your mma debut in 2018, it’s 2021, 3 years 2 fights? Go shine Conor’s shoes u loser”

As if this wasn’t enough, Bisping put a cherry on top of his verbal beatdown with some vintage footage of Danis, during his BJJ days.

“This you getting tapped out after running away @dillondanis 😂😂😂 can’t even win in grappling matches. Now go get your fucking shine box.”

Not long after this, Dillon Danis decided to change directions. He did not respond to Mike, instead directing his attention to UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje, saying he could tap Justin rather quickly.

“I would submit @Justin_Gaethje in under 30 seconds.”

Who do you think got the upper hand in this exchange between Michael Bisping and Dillon Danis?

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