Michael Bisping suggests Dan Hardy is a traitor to his own country

Now we all need to patiently wait for UFC to cut a promo with Michael Bisping screaming ‘There’s going to be some English on English crime!’. It worked for Rashad Evans and Rampage at UFC 114, let’s see how receptive a British audience raised on Marmite and Lucozade will be.

In an interview with Mirror.co.uk, Bisping throws a verbal sledgehammer towards Dan Hardy’s general direction by suggesting that he’s a traitor for living in the US. Wow!

“I think now it’s become the cool thing to slag me off – I don’t know where it’s come from a lot of it to be honest. You know, I’m an approachable guy, I always have time for everyone and yeah, sometimes I say some things sometimes that might piss people off a little bit, but most of the time it’s tongue in cheek and I’m having a laugh and they don’t get that” he adds.

“To see if from some of the UK guys pisses me off. I’ve been a proud ambassador of UK MMA, I’ve worked hard and I’ve helped grow the sport to where it is. I haven’t disappeared off to America, like some Mohican wearing people and lived there and trained there, but then come back here and pretend I’m English.

“My roots are here in England and I stay here and I train here and I’m proud to be English. You know, I don’t go training in America because the trainings better, but then come here and try and get all the UK fans on my side. I’m English and this is where I’m from and this is where I train”

When I lived in Wales, no one from the US called me a traitor for living in a different country. They called me ‘smart’ for not enduring another George Bush presidential term. [Source]

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