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Michael Bisping says he would’ve beaten Chael if their fight was five rounds

Michael Bisping says he would’ve beaten Chael if their fight was five rounds

If I had started training in wrestling or Muay Thai when I was younger, I’d probably still be one of the most mediocre fighters at my gym.  Athleticism was never in my family’s genetics and I’m OK with that.  There’s no upbringing scenario where I’d have a cool folding chair with my name scripted upon it while a reporter sticks a microphone in my face and compares me to Muhammad Ali.  While I still enjoy staying in shape by practicing martial arts, I’ll leave it to guys like Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen to beat each other up on big stages where fans have to spend $11.00 for domestic beers.  In fact, not only are these two some of the UFC middleweight division’s most successful athletes, their rematch is almost inevitable according to Michael Bisping.

“I think Chael will out-wrestle Anderson and beat him this time, and then I’ll get the rematch with Chael considering how close our fight was.”

“If I had Chael over five rounds, I’d definitely beat him. In that last fight, I’d have stopped him in the fourth for sure. He was spent after trying to submit me in that third round. Towards the end of that round I was raining down shots on him.”

If Michael Bisping’s prophecy comes to fruition, their rematch will definitely be contested over five rounds and the UK’s most famous MMA fighter will have his chance at redemption. Chael Sonnen has yet to respond because he’s still busy looking for a hotel in Brazil that offers presidential quality security for his June title shot against Anderson Silva.


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