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Michael Bisping says becoming World Champion is his destiny

Michael Bisping says becoming World Champion is his destiny

I suffered through the pain of going an entire day without ingesting one single simple carbohydrate yesterday. Then I had to endure the madness of a Romanian kickboxing instructor who decided it would be fun times to do burpees in between every count drill combination for two straight hours. When I got home I was so delirious from that Romanian torture technique that I couldn’t manage to peel myself off my bed until 2am. When I did, I went straight to the kitchen as though I was on a mission. I knew the moment I peeled back that cardboard box top, pulled apart the sealed plastic bag and dumped the mini box of Cocoa Krispies in my bowl that it was meant to be. At 2am, when I put that first spoonful of chocolately, snap, crackle and pop goodness in my mouth I knew I had a bowlful of destiny sitting before me.

Maybe that was an extra dramatic way to look at a bowl full of sugary bad carbs but strange things happen at 2am. Fortunately for Michael Bisping he doesn’t have to look to a bowl of cereal to find kismet. He just walks around with it everyday in his fists. His fists have developed the skill to fulfill what he believes is his destiny-becoming World Champion. At least , that’s what he told MMAWeekly Radio recently:

“In the past I’ve said I believed it, and I certainly talked the talk, but I think if I searched deep inside my soul, maybe I knew that I wasn’t ready or maybe didn’t fully expect to win. Now I know I’m one of the best in the world. I’ve been around this sport long enough. I’m very successful. I’m full of confidence. My skill set is better than it’s ever been, my athletic ability is better than it’s ever been, and I’m certainly in my prime.”

“I’m destined to be world champion. I will be world champion one day. You can guarantee that. I’m ready to take this title 100-percent.”

Right now he’s got two tough Brazilians standing in the way of his quest for world championship destiny-Vitor Belfort is first this weekend at UFC on FX 7. If he can get past Belfort Saturday night he’ll finally get his long awaited title shot against the current GOAT of Middleweights-Anderson Silva. [Source]

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