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Michael Bisping: McGregor Is ‘Hoping And Praying That Poirier Beats Khabib’

Michael Bisping: McGregor Is ‘Hoping And Praying That Poirier Beats Khabib’

Bisping Says McGregor Wants Poirier To Win At UFC 242

According to Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor’s chances at a shot at lightweight gold depends on the winner of the UFC 242 main event. He thinks that McGregor needs Dustin Poirier to be the victor.

McGregor lost a pretty dominate decision to Khabib Nurmagomedov last November. Since then, neither man has fought. However, Khabib is scheduled to face Dustin Poirier to unify the lightweight title at UFC 242.

However, Michael Bisping spoke on his Believe You Me Podcast about the fight, and what this means for McGregor. He thinks that because of the nature of their first fight, it would take a lot for McGregor to face Khabib again.

“He’s probably hoping and praying that Poirier beats Khabib in Abu Dhabi. If Poirier beats Khabib, obviously we all know Conor has that massive win over Poirier. He did it very, very easily. He made short work of Poirier back in the day. Alright, it was back in the day. it was at ’45, but even still, if Poirier wins, there’s a possibility of setting up that rematch. That’s his shot, and easier shot at the title.”

As Bisping alludes to, McGregor beat Poirier when they both were featherweights. Since then, both men have moved up and Poirier has looked like a different fighter completely. So it is easy to see how one could sell a rematch with the two.

This is not to say that Bisping thinks the fight with Khabib and Conor will never happen. Just that it would take more.

“From the UFC’s perspective, they’re going to do it. it was the biggest pay-per-view ever, the rematch is going to be even bigger. Rematches sell, especially with the amount of bad blood, especially with what happened after the fight outside the Octagon. The rematch is going to be huge. I just think Conor has to win another fight first.”

Is Michael Bisping right about McGregor’s chances? Dana White already confirmed that Tony Ferguson would be next for the title. However, would a Poirier win at UFC 242 change that?

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