Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold Bury The Hatchet, Share A Bro Hug In The Gym

Michael Bisping came to the gym while Luke Rockhold was training, and rather than trading words, they shared a tender bro hug

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Just in case you were not aware, Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold don’t exactly have the history of a couple of best friends. However you would never guess that with the way they acted recently, upon running into each other int the gym.

Bisping had one of the craziest careers in UFC history, and it was in large part thanks to Rockhold. The two met for the second time, for the UFC middleweight title on short notice, and Mike knocked Luke out cold to take the title in a massive upset.

Before that fight, and in the years since, it has been made quite clear that neither of these men like each other. In fact, their press conferences together are the stuff of legends, as even after the second fight, they continued to trade shots.

Michael Bisping And Luke Rockhold End The Beef

Nowadays, Michael Bisping is retired and Luke Rockhold is battling back through injury to return to the cage. However Luke made a big change a couple of years ago, opting to work with Jason Parillo, who also happens to be Mike’s head coach.

With their history, you would expect there to be a bit of tension if the pair crossed paths in the gym. However, as a recent Instagram post from Parillo showed, this was not actually the case, as they instead embraced in a tender, Hallmark moment.


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This was not where the bromance ended either, as later on in the session, Bisping went up to Rockhold to ask him for a shoutout on his Instagram. In response, Luke lightheartedly tried to sick his dog, Luci on the Englishman.


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Bisping, picking up on the idea that Luke’s dog is very important to him, then proceeded to hang out with Luci and even jokingly threaten to kidnap her. (We can just ignore the fact that he was calling Luci a “he” not a “she.”)

After all the many years of beef that these two have had, it is good to see Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold getting along better. Whether or not this lasts is another story, but for now we can just enjoy the magic.

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