Michael Bisping Speaks Out Against Hans Molenkamp Amidst Controversy

Former UFC Champ Michael Bisping explains why he had his Monster sponsorship terminated by Hans Molenkamp.

Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping Hans Molenkamp

Controversy, controversy and more controversy. This is the theme Dominick Cruz has sparked since calling out Monster executive Hans Molenkamp on his alleged mistreatment towards UFC fighters.

Cruz won his first fight since 2016, edging out a decision against the very durable Casey Kenney at UFC 259. What came after, shocked many people and left even more wondering was actually happening behind-the-scenes. 

The former Bantamweight champion would chat with Joe Rogan in his post-fight interview. When asked about his future and potential opponents, Cruz had one name in mind. Monster Energy director of combat sports, Hans Molenkamp. 

Cruz would call him out to a charity bout, willing to fight him over the mistreatment of his fellow fighters, holding them ‘hostage’ by making them do things for social media, in order to make his personal brand look better. 

UFC: Angela Hill backs Dominick Cruz in row with Monster Energy's Hans  Molenkamp – 'I'm wary of him' | South China Morning Post
Photo: Dominick Cruz, Facebook

In the aftermath of what went down at UFC 259, Michael Bisping would voice out his own problems with Molenkamp and address Cruz’s situation at hand

“I’ve had some dealings with the guy [Molenkamp].” said Bisping on the Believe You Me Podcast. “I can confirm I’m on Cruz’s side.”

Although, siding with Cruz, Bisping was baffled when he first heard Cruz speak out against Molenkamp, right after his first win in almost 5 years. 

 “It was just weird. Why would Cruz do that? Listen. All right, whatever. You got a problem with the guy. You’ve just come back. You’ve just got your first win in five years and you use it in your post-fight celebration. You call him out. All right. Listen, you don’t like him that much and if the guy is that much of a tool, all right. Whatever. But you know, you’ve just won your fight, focus on that. Focus on the greatness of your return. Focus on thanking, thanking your team and things like that. So, but whatever that’s what you can expect from Cruz.”

I think a lot of people in the mixed martial arts community, that had to deal with [Molenkamp’s] ‘BS’, cheered and celebrated. So Dominick Cruz, thank you for what you said there.”

 I’m driving back from Vegas one night that I’ve commentated and he calls me up and he’s going on his phone [saying]: ‘Mike we’re friends. We’re friends, right? We’re friends. Aren’t we?’ And I say, no, no, we’re not. We’re not. I’ve known you for a long time and we’ve never hung out. We’re business associates and that’s okay. You know what I’m saying? Stop dangling this friend card. You know what I mean? We’re not friends. We’re business associates and that’s it. That’s all we need to be. We don’t get together. Our families don’t hang out. You know what I mean? So we’re not friends. And anyway, shortly after that, I wasn’t with the surging company anymore.”

“Suddenly all of those sponsorships started drying up.” said his co-host, Luis Gomez.

“All of a sudden I’m fucking broke.” added Bisping. Okay, thank you Hans… You can be a man like me and just cut yourself off [from Molenkamp]. Cut your balls off to spite your face.”

In another video Michael Bisping shared the details how he lost his sponsorship with Molenkamp after he refuse to acknowledge Hans Molenkamp as a friend during his convo over the phone.

“Ya, that’s what he does and he tried it with me. Alright, f**k it. I’m gonna talk. I am gonna say it. I’m driving out of (Las) Vegas one night after commentating and he calls me up and he is going, ‘Michael, we’re friends, we’re friends, aren’t we?’ And I say, No we’re not, okay. I’ve known you for a long time but we never hung out. We’re business associates and that’s okay. Do you know what I mean? Stop dangling this friend card. We’re not friends, we’re business associates. That’s it. That’s all we need to be. We don’t get together, our families don’t hang out. Shortly after that, I wasn’t with a certain company anymore. All of a sudden I am f*king broke, okay? Thank you Hans (Molenkamp),” Bisping added.

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