Michael Bisping Exposes Man Who Sucker Punched Him In New Orleans

Michael Bisping has shared a video of the man who punched him in the face, hitting someone else in New Orleans

Michael Bisping
Images via Instagram @mikebisping

Recently former UFC champion Michael Bisping found himself getting sucker punched in the streets of New Orleans. Now he exposes the man who punched him, sharing a video of the man hitting someone else too.

Bisping recently praised himself for staying cool, despite being punched in the face by a stranger on the street. He had no idea who the man was, and was excited to see that he had mature to the point that he didn’t hit the guy back, laughing off his weak punch.

Now it seems that he’s come across a video of that same man, hitting another person in the streets of New Orleans. Posting to social media, you can see the man in question notably wearing a neckerchief, throwing yet another weak strike at a presumable stranger’s face.

“This is the same a—hole that punched me last week. Can you believe this 😂” Bisping wrote

“Thanks whoever sent this to my kids. Pants, hair, belt, neckerchief, New Orleans. Can’t believe someone found this haha.”

Michael Bisping Had His Own Experience

Apparently this guy is not just hitting UFC Hall of Famers, but random people too. However this seems to be a similar experience to the one that Michael Bisping had.

Speaking in a podcast episode, he expanded on what happened as he went for one final run on Bourbon Street. A band had taken to the streets, and Mike decided to film them for his Instagram, but apparently this did not sit well with the man with the ascot.

“This little s—t comes up and goes ‘Yo, don’t film.’ I said, ‘What do you mean don’t film? We’re on Bourbon Street buddy, I’m going to film.’ So I carried in filming and he comes back and gets in my face and goes ‘I told you don’t film…,'” Bisping explained.

“So I said suck my f—king d—k. And he goes bang! F—king right hooks me, the little s—t. Just there and then, out of the blue… It was hilarious… So he cracks me and honestly, I’m not trying to sound tough… It was hilarious. It was the softest punch I’ve ever felt in my life.”

This seems like just another wild night in the life of Michael Bisping. Although it is quite hilarious that someone found a video of that same man punching somebody else, maybe Mike should not have been so lenient with him.

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