Michael Bisping Weighs-In On Namajunas-Andrade KO Slam At UFC 237: ‘It Was Kind Of A Fluke’

Rose Andrade
Rose Andrade

Former UFC Champion Michael Bisping Believes Jessica Andrade’s KO Win At UFC 237 Was A Fluke

UFC 237 PPV event’s main headliner bout certainly was memorable as Brazilian power bomb Jessica Andrade landed all-time best KO slam that knocks out Rose Namajunas cold to win the title.

Namajunas was underdog heading into this contest and did all the work early in the fight. She started hurting Andrade with combinations and Jabs from all different angles. In the process, Rose busted Jessica Andrade’s eye. By the second frame, Andrade returned with force pick Namajunas up and slammed her to the mat. Champions’ head bounced off the canvas, and she was knocked out on the spot.

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping gave his inner thought on Andrade’s KO of Rose Namajunas while speaking on his “Believe You Me” podcast.

“Listen, Jessica Andrade is now the champ. I didn’t see it happening to be honest. Do you know what? I think, and I shouldn’t say this cuz it’s doing a disservice to Jessica Andrade and maybe even being disrespectful, which I’m not trying to do. It was kind of a fluke. Do you know what I mean? That doesn’t happen. She’s done that move a lot, generally people don’t land on the head and get knocked out. That’s not to say in a rematch she couldn’t win, but I’d definitely favor Rose in the rematch after what I saw in that first round and a half. That said, as I said that does come off a little bit disrespectful. That’s not my intention.”

Share your thought do you agree with Michael Bisping that KO slam was a fluke?

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