Miami Hustle – The Story of The Sengoku King comes out tomorrow, so check out this new promo today

In a decade from now, the History channel will make a documentary on the humble beginnings of MMA and somewhere in that two-hour film will be a montage of Genghis Con highlight reels. Hopefully, MiddleEasy will be in there too. We’ll be known as the site that protected the world from an imminent alien invasion by convincing the US Military to organize a team of X-men to protect that planet that included Mariusz Pudzianowski, Shane Carwin, Jose Aldo, Paul Daley, BJ Penn and Damarques Johnson to keep everyone else on point. That will be our footnote in history — and hopefully it will involve some type of monetary compensation from tax-payers. Until that day comes, check out Genghis Con’s new promo of ‘Miami Hustle – The Story of the Sengoku King which will debut tomorrow on a computer monitor near you. [Source]

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