MFC 27 comes on tonight and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t watch it

If you’re watching MFC 27 for the sole reason of seeing Douglas Lima vs. Jesse Juarez bang it out for the MFC welterweight belt, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s sort of strange associating two guys with the word ‘banging’ and not have some fifth grader point a finger at you. Guys bang. It’s just something that we will have to accept as an existential fact. Judging from where you’re currently located, ‘guys banging’ may have an entirely different meaning. However tonight in Edmonton, Alberta, there will absolutely be banging and it will result in a variety of people losing consciousness tonight at MFC 27.

I can’t express to you how perfect of a match-up Douglas Lima vs. Jesse Juarez truly is. If this fight means nothing to you, then you sincerely need to reprimand yourself with some sort of self-flagellation. It might sting at the beginning, but then you’ll soon realize that you deserve it for possibly sleeping on one of the biggest cards in MFC history. Mark Pavelich took out time from calling out every MMA promotion in existence to tell us about the tonight’s main event.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever done it in eleven years and I did it you know why, because Jesse Juarez is an MFC fighter, Douglas Lima is an MFC fighter and they’re both unreal. I figured I’m going to put them both together, but they’re my guys. They’re not some guy’s that flunked out of some show and I said ‘OK, you’re going to fight for the title’. It’s none of that going on here. For me, this is coming full circle and a dream come true because this is the true welterweight championship fight and it’s an MFC fight, it’s not a ‘we took that guy from that show and now he’s fighting for us’, no it’s not, these are my guys.”

As I was writing this article, Dan Quinn called me up to proclaim how he believes that Bill Gates (and three other billionaires) have access to spaceships and the invention of the microwave oven is undeniable proof of alien technology being used in a ‘modern day circumstance’. I tried telling him about MFC 27 which comes on tonight on HDNet at 10:00pm EST, but he quickly changed the topic to the government infiltrating farms off the coast of Guam. Well, at least I tried.

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