Melvin Manhoef vs Doug Marshall is the best way to spend your Friday night

A barn-burner, a slobber-knocker, a slug-fest, whatever you want to call it; that is what this fight will be. You want to see a slug-fest? Check out Doug Marshall vs Brian Stann. Epic. Yes, The Rhino lost his belt to the All-American that night, but that’s just the type of fighter he is. He either knocks you out or gets knocked out.  


Let me ask you a question: Before JDS KO’d Mark Hunt, who was the last person to knock him out? Melvin Manhoef. Who has 28 MMA wins, with 26 KO’s? Melvin. Who does Scott Coker sign as soon as he can when he’s President of a promotion? Melvin Manhoef. While Manhoef vs Paul Daley will probably not happen anytime soon, Manhoef vs Marshall is the next best fight to make under the Bellator banner.

I mean, Melvin knocked out Hunt. MELVIN KNOCKED OUT HUNT. We need a .gif…


This is a fight worth having a party for. When the main event is over you can turn to your friends and in your best Gladiator voice scream, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED”! Tell you what, if you do have a Manhoef vs Marshall party and you live somewhere on the East Coast, invite me and I’ll bring the beers. I’ll bring the beers.

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