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Melvin Manhoef just detonated something on Misaki’s forehead

Melvin Manhoef just detonated something on Misaki’s forehead

Something just happened this morning at Dynamite!! 2009 and it involved Melvin Manhoef setting off some type of explosion on Misaki’s forehead. I didn’t get a chance to check out the replay on my DVR but it appeared to be a right hook followed by an early stoppage. King Mo and Jason High just called it an early stoppage, I call it ‘memory loss prevention’. Manhoef hovered over Misaki’s near lifeless body ready to explode an array of freshly imported hooks and uppercuts he had stored from Amsterdam but instead, the dude just backed up and let the ref jump in.

Melvin Manhoef grabbed the W, his first in exactly a year. In fact, this time last year we saw Manhoef score that amazing 18 second KO over Mark Hunt at Dynamite!! 2008. Actually, Melvin Manhoef hasn’t let a single NYE bout he participated in go past the first round since 2007. Expect this and much more when Manhoef eventually makes his Strikeforce debut sometime in 2010 (and hopefully against Robbie Lawler). 

Congrats goes out to Melvin Manhoef and whenever we find ourselves in Amsterdam, we will check the Coffee shop Melvin recommended to us in our interview



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