Melvin Guillard says Cesar Gracie is jealous of Greg Jackson

Melvin Guillard has been rather chatty since his win at Fight for the Troops 2. Seems as though that win has fueled his gas tank a bit and he has been firing off his opinion in quite a few directions this past week. It started with a bit of a back and forth between Guillard and Kenny Florian and now Melvin is voicing his distaste with Cesar Gracie’s view of his coach, Greg Jackson. Gracie has voiced his opinion about Guillard’s coach, saying that he is more of a motivational speaker than a great coach. Here’s what Guillard ahd to say about that on Sherdog’s Beatdown radio this week:

“Cesar Gracie can suck our nuts. That’s what he can do. He’s jealous of the guy. I’ll tell you like this: If coach Greg wasn’t as great a coach, you wouldn’t have guys like Andrei Arlovski, guys coming from all over the world to train here. Just like I ended up coming way up here to train. Obviously he’s doing something right. For someone to sit there and say, ‘Oh, he’s just a director. He’s in there just to direct.’ [Jackson] is there every day. He spends his whole day at the gym with us instead of his family. He’s there teaching us hands on every morning and every afternoon. So for someone to sit there and say that … they really should take a look at themselves and ask themselves what kind of person they are. … Maybe Cesar Gracie should just go back to Brazil. We don’t really need him in the U.S. We already got enough people here anyway.”

Wow, sounds like we won’t be hearing the Young Assassin yell out “209” anytime soon. I would love to hear what Nate and Nick Diaz have to say about Melvin volunteering the entire Jackson camp’s manjewels for a tastetesting party for the 209. Something tells me it would be full of fun words that rhyme with truck and corn-shucker.


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