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Melvin Guillard hopes Anthony Pettis wins this weekend at UFC 144 so he can get a rematch with Joe Lauzon.

Melvin Guillard hopes Anthony Pettis wins this weekend at UFC 144 so he can get a rematch with Joe Lauzon.

The statistics of the UFC’s long history of rematches tell you absolutely nothing about what would become of a rematch with Joe Lauzon and Melvin Guillard. About half the time, the fighter who won the first time ended up winning the second time, the other half of the time, the fighters went 1-1, requiring a rubber match that yields even less conclusive data. In Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard’s situation, they’re actually 1-1-1, so we still need to see a definitive rubber match. Yes, we do. Stop trying to fabricate a counter-argument, they’re not finished fighting until we see them fight for a fourth time.

We miss the days when fighters were less well-rounded and the outcomes of their fights were more decisive. So does Melvin Guillard, who continues to insist that he’d beat Joe Lauzon nine times out of ten, and remains disgruntled with Joe Lauzon’s choice words for their last fight. A few week ago, Melvin came off a loss to Jim Miller and promised to devote an entire year to BJJ in order to never succumb to another submission defeat again, but today, he’s firing back at Lauzon’s comments from earlier in the week via MMAWeekly.

“Lately on my Twitter some posts have been popping up and I’m like what the hell is this? So I’m looking and next thing I know it’s people talking about Joe Lauzon hit the nail on the head, he was right, so I went in and read the article and all of a sudden he’s blasting me talking about he slapped me and he choked me out, and Melvin’s going around telling everybody I got lucky. I never said the dude got lucky. I said it was a good fight, I always gave Joe Lauzon the respect that was due, and I thought he was the better guy that day. Did I think the fight was a fluke on my part? Yeah, the fight was a fluke on my part, but I never took anything from him. So I guess he misinterpreted what I said.”

“The new me, I’m trying to be respectful and handle it the right way, but at this point right now I’m kind of fed up with it. The old me is about to come out on Joe Lauzon. He’s about to take Rich Clementi’s place of being that guy that I just don’t like… For me, I feel disrespected because I’ve done nothing but talk Joe Lauzon up, even when a lot of interviews and fight analysts were still not giving him the credit that was due saying that 9 out of 10 times he would win that once, and I would win the other nine. So people were bashing him and it wasn’t even me, and I’m standing up for him saying that Joe Lauzon is a top competitor, he can be in the top five, top ten or whatever. Now he’s blasting out at me and I have not said anything bad towards Joe Lauzon.”

“In the 10 losses I have in my MMA career, I haven’t rematched anyone I’ve lost to. Not once, I’ve never really cared for rematches because I felt they won, now I’ll move on. Right now, I’m at the point where this fight means something to me, I have something to prove against Joe Lauzon, so this is a rematch I’m asking for… Right now, I’m looking to watch the fights in Japan and I’m praying that he loses to (Anthony) Pettis because I want a rematch against Joe Lauzon. I don’t want to fight nobody next but Joe Lauzon… I don’t even care how it goes, I just want to see Pettis win and I want an immediate rematch with Joe Lauzon. Hopefully, I can get that rematch by fourth of July in Vegas… I’m tired of just being nice to these guys, I try to be nice, not befriend them, but be nice and respectful when I see them around. I feel like I’m being slapped in the face being that guy.”

If a rematch transpires, I the only certainty is that I will be watching it. With regards to an outcome, odds makers have proven that they are not to be trusted whenever they’re leading you to believe that you should bet against Joe Lauzon. These are the same odds makers that said Frankie Edgar could never beat anyone in his entire career. Props to all of you who saw through these lies.

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