Melvin Guillard has a solution to the lightweight division traffic jam

Please don’t talk to me about ‘traffic’ unless you would enjoy snakes suddenly slithering from my skull while my head rotates on my neck like Medusa and my mouth spews hateful renditions of every four letter profanity word in existence. If it’s really bad my profanity will become bilingual, with some choice spanish insults thrown in the mix. I’m not even spanish.

Traffic is probably the single most horrible thing about living in Atlanta. There is never not traffic. Rush hour starts at about 5am and doesn’t end until 9pm. If you live more than 10 miles from your job, you better count on sitting in your car for four to five hours of your day, everyday. That’s on a good day when there’s no overturned trucks full of chickens or sprinkling of rain to mess things up even more. All of that stopping and waiting and inching along is so frustrating.

I guess that is how Melvin Guillard feels about the lightweight division right now. It’s almost as though Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard got into and accident and the rest of the fighters are waiting in line for the police and fire to clear the wreckage and open some lanes so things can get moving again.

Melvin isn’t just sitting in traffic complaining about all the waiting and rubber necker style gawking going on at the top of the division’s stalled out competition, nope. Instead he is training for his fight next weekend with Shane Roller at UFC 132 and thinking of a solution to get around the bottleneck via a lightweight grand prix style tourny. Here’s what he had to say to ESPN this week:

“I honestly felt after the [Evan] Dunham fight that it was going to move me a lot higher, but they’re still ranking guys like Dennis Siver ahead of me, and I knocked this chump out in less than two minutes. He even called me out again, trying to fight me again.”

“But a lot of fights aren’t making sense, and I don’t really have a choice [but to fight Roller] because of the traffic jam with the weight class. Edgar and Maynard still haven’t fought again, so right now everybody’s at a standstill. The only solution I see is them doing a 155-pound grand prix tournament, and putting everybody in brackets and weeding the losers to giving a true No. 1 contender a fight here in the next year or so.”

This is an amazingly awesome idea that for now we can probably only dream about coming to fruition. [source]

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