Don’t Test Meghan Markle: Duchess of Sussex and Trained in Mixed Martial Arts

Imagine of Meghan Markle via Instagram: @SuitsArchive
Imagine of Meghan Markle via Instagram: @SuitsArchive

Old Resume Reveals Meghan Markle is Trained in MMA

Meghan Markle is not just a pretty face. In fact, she’s more than simply being literal royalty. Markle is a Jack(ie) of all trades. Not only is Meghan the Duchess of Sussex, but, she’s also trained in our beloved sport of mixed martial arts. Therefore, it’s safe to say that The Dutchess is down to scrap for all those willing to test her abilities.

As mentioned above, Markle is a renaissance woman. Honestly, it seems like she is a living Barbie doll with how many different aspects of life she has mastered. As far as languages go, Markle can reportedly fluently speak Spanish and French, as well as English. Furthermore, she’s spent time acting in high profile shows such as General Hospital and CSI. As well as, writing for high profile magazines like Elle.

But, what people don’t know about Markle is her background in mixed martial arts. Recently, popular UK outlet The Mirror was able to obtain an old copy of Meghan’s resume before she became the Duchess of Sussex. Inside the document, Markle listed “special abilities.” One of those abilities was Kickboxing.

Megan Markle Mixed Martial Arts Background Revealed

They also got ahold of Markle’s former trainer Jorge Blanco. He revealed in an interview with Spanish Vanity Fair that Markle would train around the time period when she was a regular cast member on the show Suits. The show aired from 2011-2018.

“I trained Meghan when she was in Toronto during the shooting of the series ‘Suits,’” said Blanco.

“We did a little bit of martial arts, a little boxing, and sometimes kickboxing. I never really thought she could end up being a princess! I had a great time training with her because she’s super nice and speaks Spanish, with an Argentine accent.”

Don’t Test the Duchess of Sussex

So, think twice before testing the Duchess of Sussex. Sometimes, people try to test public figures to get a reaction out of them. But, it’s not recommended to take that avenue with Megan Markle. Or else, you might end up on the wrong side of a royal beating.

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