Meanwhile, Anderson Silva gets down to some Michael Jackson in his car

When I was about five years old I fell in a campfire while dancing to Michael Jackson. That story is 100% true, and I have a single living witness to prove it. For a few years this campfire tumble hurt my love of the King of Pop, but eventually I got over it. My scars faded away from my young skin and Michael’s golden pipes and Quincy Jones’ timeless beats reeled me back into Neverland. Now I don’t even need a good reason to grab my crotch, scream and twirl around. In fact I do that almost every day. I now know that I will be safe as long as I am not doing it near open flames.

It’s also nice to know that I would have that conversation starter if I ever met Anderson Silva in some weird scenario where he and I had to talk to each other for some reason. ‘Never dance close to fire.’ That’s the best advice I could ever give to The Spider. Luckily for everyone involved he is not near campfires, just singing his heart out to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits in his car.

Below is a series of frustratingly short videos posted by Anderson today documenting his automobile karaoke.

Hand clapping like a middleweight GOAT boss.


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