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Conor McGregor Speaks After UFC 264 Loss: “You need people like me”

Conor McGregor took to social media to address his broken leg and being defeated by Dustin Poirier at UFC 264

Conor McGregor Speaks After UFC 264 Loss: “You need people like me”

Conor McGregor sent a cryptic, nearly meaningless message amid his second loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. The Instagram post was short and sweet yet confusing to MMA fans around the world. 

UFC 264

McGregor found himself on the unfortunate side of defeat after UFC 264. Due to the loss, enemies such as Jake Paul and the rest of the internet took to social media to ridicule Conor for his behavior leading up to the fight.

Before the match, Conor told Poirier that he would be leaving the octagon in a stretcher. Furthermore, he would kill him inside the cage, which didn’t sit well with Dustin. Unfortunately, McGregor also brought Dustin’s wife into the fold, claiming that she made advances towards the Irishman on social media. 

In the eyes of many, justice was served with a heavy dose of karma towards Conor. Instead of Poirier leaving on a stretcher, it was the way that he left the area after breaking his leg during the fight. Alternatively, to Dustin decaying inside the octagon, he took the time to pray for Conor’s injury and his family, wishing no harm to anyone. 

McGregor Speaks After UFC 264 Loss

Lastly, Mrs. Jolie Poirier could get revenge on Conor in her right after the bout. But since the injury, McGregor has finally taken to social media to address the loss. 

“You need people like me,” said Conor on Instagram.

Poirier details during post-fight interview and at post-UFC 264 press conference that McGregor also cheated during the fight and accused McGregor of grabbing his glove.

McGregor responded to that via Twitter, “Where’s he goin’ ref?”

Decoding the Message

Perhaps he means that the sport of mixed martial arts needs brash characters. Or that every hero like Dustin needs a villain to make their star power rise to even greater heights. 

Regardless of the meaning of his words, McGregor will be sidelined indefinitely until his injury has completely healed. However, while he is out, there is no telling what antics he will continue to secure the fourth fight. 

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