Conor McGregor Hints at Mystic Mac Persona Return: “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

Conor McGregor is done being nice towards his opponents, and is planning on getting back to his natural trash-talking self in the future.

Conor Mcgregor via Instagram @thenotoriousmma
Conor Mcgregor via Instagram @thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor made his rise to fame by being brash towards opponents and predicting the outcome of his own fights. However, Conor began to take a more humble approach to the sport after various run-ins with the law, forcing him to change gears. After losing to Dustin Poirier by TKO, McGregor is making it clear that the “nice guy” image will be gone in the future. If McGregor gets his trilogy match against Poirier, expect to see the return of Mystic Mac. 

Poirier Finishes Conor via TKO

McGregor looked sharp in the opening round of their main event fight. His jab was accurate in placement. Trademark shoulder strikes from McGregor were thrown, giving fans a reminder of how he defeated Donald Cerrone at UFC 246. However, McGregor came out in a standard boxing stance, shying away from his trademark sideways karate style.

Nevertheless, Poirier, AKA “The Diamond” applied the pressure needed to create controlled chaos inside of the octagon. Relentless pressure, cracking leg kicks, and fluid boxing all contributed to a TKO victory. And, with such a monumental win, comes a host of new opportunities for the diamond.

McGregor Ends Nice Guy Routine

Before the match, McGregor held Poirier in high regard. The pair were playfully leading up to the fight, which was initially designed to help provide income to Poirier’s charity. 

Now, it looks like McGregor is being nice will be over. At least according to his own personal Instagram. 

“No more Mr nice guy,” wrote McGregor. 

Dustin has been making media rounds in order to promote his “The Good Fight” charity, as well as selling hot sauce. However, during those media moments, Poirier has made it clear that he would fight McGregor in a trilogy, but, he would also like to fight Nate Diaz.

With reports stating that the UFC is working on the trilogy, it’s possible that McGregor will be back to his trash-talking ways. If Poirier vs McGregor 3 happens, who do fans believe will win?

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