Video: Conor McGregor Becomes MMA’s Mayweather, Knocks Out Alvrarez, Makes History.

Cthulhu has arrived. The end is nigh. An eclipse occurs. The moon is snuffed out. Conor Motherfucking McGregor, a guy that never defended his featherweight title after he knocked out the greatest fighter in the division in 13 seconds, just fought one of the greatest lightweights to ever live. …And he knocked Eddie Alvarez in round two. ROUND GODDAMN TWO.

We should have no been surprised. We doubted him against Dustin Poirier, we doucted him about Chad Mendes, we doubted him against Nate Diaz, rightfully so, but then he came back to avenge his loss. We also doubted him against “Underground King” Alvarez, but he also proved us all wrong. He is a chaos magician. His dreams conjure into reality through sheer will power. …We should have known after he brought back his “serious” walkout.

We saw a McGregor reach his peak in the lead up to the fight, arrive at his perfect weight, do the craziest presser ever and put on his most amazing UFC performance ever. Just look at this bullshit.

McGregor is like the Highlander. He absorbs Alvarez’s soul (as well as his belt). Eddie beat the DEEP, Shooto WEC, ONE FC, Dream, Strikeforce, Bellator and UFC lightweight champs. But he could not beat the UFC featherweight champion. Who now makes history as the first ever person in the UFC to hold two belts in two divisions simultaneously. Conor McGregor is the UFC lightweight and UFC featherweight champions. Absolutely incredible. And now… the entire world spirals into chaos.

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