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(Video) Conor McGregor Attempts to Kick Dustin Poirier During UFC 264 Stare Down

In the UFC 264 press conference, Conor McGregor tried to kick Dustin Poirier during their stare down in an attempt to get under his skin

(Video) Conor McGregor Attempts to Kick Dustin Poirier During UFC 264 Stare Down

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier finished their official press conference. In an intense staredown, McGregor attempted to kick Dustin and tell everyone his prediction of making sure Poirier leaves the arena in a stretcher.

Poirier will face McGregor in a trilogy fight at UFC 264. In the last lead-up to McGregor’s second fight against Dustin, he appeared to be a changed man. Fans were confused at Conor’s ability to be nice, gracious, and free of any drama leading up to the event.

However, after he lost the fight, he vowed to go back to his old ways. The UFC 264 press conference reassured fans that McGregor was back to his old form.

He took the stage on time, which was out of the ordinary for Conor. He and Poirier traded jabs back and forth with each other, primarily with McGregor attempting to demasculinize Dustin by starting a chant saying, “Jolie’s wife.” This was followed by a “Your wife is your husband” catchphrase that just didn’t seem to catch on with anybody. 

McGregor Attempts to Kick Poirier

The press asked several questions about each man’s preparation for the fight and their expectations for their third encounter. Overall, the presser wasn’t as exciting or memorable as previous pressers featuring McGregor. This is probably why he tried to go out with a bang while the pair faced off. 

Mind Games

Conor flexed as hard as he could in the face of a poised Poirier. Seemingly not flinching at any of McGregor’s movements, the pair continued to share inaudible terms due to the volume of the crowd. But, before it was all over, McGregor attempted to land on kick on Dustin. However, he was unsuccessful in his attempt.

Nonetheless, the crowd’s consensus seemed to be in favor of McGregor and anything that he said. Oftentimes throughout the broadcast, boos were present when Dustin went to speak. 

Conor’s attempt to play mind games with Dustin didn’t appear to work during the conference. The only way to see if it worked will be after the men finally put their trilogy to bed. 

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