Conspiracy Theory Alert: Did Conor McGregor & John Kavanagh break-up?

Conor McGregor & John Kavanagh break up

Time changes people, but so does boatloads of money. Conor McGregor has changed. So has his head coach John Kavanagh.

This isn’t a rumor. This isn’t a beef. Here is a pure Conspiracy Theory, everyone needs to alerted on. It looks like Conor McGregor and John Kavanagh have broken up y’all. Don’t be sad, it’s a split custody deal. You can still play catch with Mac, every other weekend.

Maybe all the signs were already there.

Does it go back before UFC 229? What about during the build-up to Mayweather versus McGregor? Everything was fine before then but now Team Mac is looking at two years since his last win. In world about appearances, on paper that looks bad. Sure Mystic Mac has all the paper in the world but that 0 for his last 2 is a tough pill to swallow; or crush and snort.

Just saying.

How about this moment during the UFC 229 brawl? You remember it. The entire world is burning down and Kavanagh is calm as a Sunday morning prayer session. How? Still don’t know, but maybe that’s when Kavanagh checks out.

Or how about the fact that Coach Kav casting all kinds of doubt on the fight career of McGregor. Almost to the point of throwing Mac under the bus for his performance versus Khabib. It was weird and again, Coach sounds like he’s operating on another plane than McGregor.

Add in these very vague Tweets  and you got Coach looking out for himself and his next big money horse to get behind.

All of this is only on coach’s side. Everyone knows McGregor is a wildcard.

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My attacking game is still catching up as you can see here. Loose arm drags and over eagerly jumping to hooks and losing position. But I am gaining good traction again. My passing and my overall forward pressure is building nicely. I will keep building. For I am a brick wall. Before I went into my last camp I was doing extensive work in the gi and my attacking game was developing really well. My submissions were becoming a lot more frequent. I was supremely confident in my attacking. I could spend full rounds attached to the back. Through all ranges. Snatching the neck. Breaking posture. Generally mauling anything I touched. For some reason though, I went into camp and focused solely on defense. I trained to disengage. To Anti grapple. To Avoid. I disrespected my own attacking game and became a stranger to it. I allowed outside influence filter into my own thinking. I can pull a dead horse out of a ditch if I latch around it’s head why would I not snatch up the neck? Why would I disengage? Why would I avoid anything? I don’t know what I was thinking back then. But I am thinking clear now. I will not make that mistake again. I am going to literally tear these men apart now. Watch me. One by fucking one.

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Is Conor done with his lifelong MMA coach? Because it feels like he is.

It’s likely for the best anyway. If Mystic Mac wants to reverse course and get back in the winner’s circle, he’s need a hard reset. There’s being loyal, then there’s being stubborn.

Fly free Mac. Check out other camps. Work with other great MMA minds. Just before it’s all said and done, please have at least one camp working in Stockton with Nate Diaz.

Rocky III this MMA game.

Shout out to the powerful @adnanthekiller for getting the ball rolling here.

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