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Mayhem Miller talks to us about Bisping, SOPA and Nick Diaz

Mayhem Miller talks to us about Bisping, SOPA and Nick Diaz

It feels like forever ago that our LayzieTheSavage and Mayhem Miller were locked in a beef that we all assumed would be brought to their graves. Life is short though, and bygones are bygones. Layzie and Mayhem have accomplished what sounds like an intricately prepared meal and have squashed the beef. This week Layzie caught up with the Airwalk sponsored Mayhem for a brief interview covering everything from Mayhem’s TV career, SOPA and of course another beef that was buried-Nick Diaz. Check it out below.

It’s also important to note that Airwalk provided this interview, and for some strange reason the audio when Mayhem talked about Airwalk was garbled and cut off. We apologize, but still want everyone to check out Airwalk and be fully aware that Airwalk provided this interview. Airwalk!

What happened to Bully Beatdown? I don’t know I feel like Bully Beatdown kind of ran it’s course, now we’re waiting to get on TV again. Since I was on the Ultimate Fighter. I know people love that show and internationally it’s loved but, I don’t know.


What are your thoughts on Bisping in retrospect? I never discounted him and think whatever you want about him because of his attitude but I knew he was a great fighter, everyone has to admit that. I had a bad night and he took advantage. Of course the dude is impressive and he’s good.


Do you think he beat Chael? Yeah, you know what I think he did. I think the take downs score a little to heavily in our sport.


How’s life been for you outside the cage? Fantastic. I really appreciate my life. I don’t have millions of dollars or some account in the Camen Islands or anything, but man I think happiness is dictated by your mindset. You know, I get to have an adventure per day and not many people can say that. So I appreciate my life because it’s just one long adventure.


So I heard you had a run in with some hackers, can you talk about that? Not really. It wasn’t really anything. But I feel lke the hackers are only now starting to get the word out now that SOPA and PIPA have gotten shot down. So I feel like they did their job.


Do you agree with SOPA? No I think it’s crap. I understand my employers, or I should say since I’m an independent contractor, my partners at the UFC really pushed SOPA but I feel like the language in that law are written wrong. I agree with the UFC that we need to do something about piracy but that bill was all wrong. It would have started a wave of censorship that is un American. It would’ve created a police state. Something needs to be done about piracy but that bill was to give way to much power to corporations.


This weekend is Diaz/Condit. Have you spoken to Nick since that whole beef went down? No not really. We’ve spoken through some people I guess you could say. But we respect each other and bygones be bygones. It’s water under the bridge. When he fought BJ I felt real good for him he deserved the success.


Would you be willing to train with those guys? Oh you better believe it, it would be an honor. Those guys are great fighters and I would love to train with them.
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