Mayhem Miller says put me on TUF and watch the ratings boost

Yesterday I was stuck most of the afternoon in one of those mind numbing human resource department informative meetings about sexual harrassment in the workplace. After about 17 minutes of listening to the most monotone and expressionless human being on earth read every single word on every single power point slide he clicked through, the only thing I could do to keep from banging my head repeatedly against the conference room table was creep through twitter on my phone and daydream about what to eat for lunch.

Suddenly, I started thinking Arby’s Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich and curly fries. This really isn’t a good thing, because when you start thinking Arby’s that stupid neon Arby’s hat logo hovers over your head. It doesn’t even look like a hat. It looks disturbingly phallic and the last thing I want hovering over my head in the middle of a lame HR meeting about workplace sexual harrassment is something that looks aroused and erect. Thankfully lunch time came pretty quickly and I headed straight to Arby’s to feed my chicken with fruit and nuts sandwich craving.

Unfortunately, when I got to Arby’s I learned that my favorite chicken salad goodness was no longer on the menu. I was distraught and confused by this menu change. I had to walk away from Arby’s and go spend twice as much over at Panera to feed my chicken salad craving. It just wasn’t the same but there was little I could do about it, but accept it and move on. Luckily, there was a light at the end of the death of the Arby’s Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich for me. Although the Panera chicken salad sandwich is not the same product, I now have more choices on sandwich toppings. Now I can combine the things I love about the old Arby’s chicken salad sandwich with things like avocado and bacon over at Panera and suddenly I have a whole new world of yummy sandwich possibilities.

The lesson here is that sometimes change can be disappointing and confusing but it will usually bring forth new possibilities. I keep learning and discovering this with the Zuffa acquisition of Strikeforce. So many new real and amazing possibilities for entertainment now. Like the one Mayhem Miller brought to light on Tuesday afternoon via his Twitter account.

Chael Sonnen has been gunning for a shot against Michael Bisping and many fans support this match up simply for the spectacular verbal smackdown that will take place. Many would love to see the two go at it as coaches on the next season of TUF. With all of the troubles Sonnen has been dealing with as of late, this might not even be a possibilty and that’s where Mayhem sees his opportunity to step in. On Tuesday he threw his name out there as a possible replacement to face Mike Bisping.

Genius. Mayhem versus Bisping would be great entertainment for 10 weeks of TUF. We have to admit we all sort of enjoyed the Rampage and Rashad weekly arguments about who was more in need of chewing a fistful of Tic-Tacs, and although the verbal war between Sonnen and Bisping would surely be astounding– Mayhem and Bisping would likely be full of golden comedy. With the success of Bully Beatdown, Mayhem is probably right about the ratings boost too. Seems like a fun way to begin combining and blending the flavors of Strikeforce and the UFC into one delicious pannini sandwich of mixed martial arts.


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