Maximo Blanco will finally be fighting in the US under Strikeforce

If three years ago you told me that I would be writing an article about someone named ‘Maximo Blanco’, I would have said: ‘Where did you get that time machine? Let me try it out.’ I would then confiscate your time machine and travel back in a time before you had the time machine and then inform you that not only have I acquired a time machine, but I also know about a guy called Maximo Blanco who will be the future of MMA in 2011. You would probably respond back with something ignorant like ‘Where did you get that time machine?’ at which point I would say ‘From you, in the future — a future that will never happen because I prevented it’. I’m sure if I pulled some temporal trick like that in a third-world country, I would be revered as a god or some omnipotent deity. Little do they know, I flick boogers across strange rooms when there’s no napkins, an activity very ungodly.

According to several media outlets, Maximo Blanco has just signed with Strikeforce. Get those wooden rulers out, we now have a new lightweight to measure all other lightweights in Strikeforce. [Source]

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