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Matt Serra Teaches Drunk Guy A Lesson In The Restaurant

Matt Serra Teaches Drunk Guy A Lesson In The Restaurant

Former UFC Champion Matt Serra Was Involved Into A Fight With A Drunk Guy!

You know UFC fighters look like extraterrestrials when it comes to street fighting. Matt Serra, a former UFC legend and the first guy who won French-Canadian superstar Georges St-Pierre in a championship fight via TKO, taught drunk guy why he should never mess with random people. It is simple – you never know who are you dealing with.

When people come to Las Vegas, they usually get drunk in a bar or restaurant. But while some of them enjoy the atmosphere and never even think about threatening, there is a minor part of the population who start believing they are God.

One of the self-proclaimed Gods started threatening waiters when they said few things against his behavior… but things took the wrong turn for him when Matt Serra decided to take over!

“How do you spend the night before your UFC Hall of fame induction? You subdue some asshole drunk that was threatening waiters then tries to swing on you,” Pastaweight Champion Matt Serra wrote on social media, along with the hashtag “jiu-jitsu.”

While the drunk guy was threatening and yelling, Matt Serra was only demonstrating how you should maintain the perfect mount. Despite the guy on the bottom threatened via legal action, the only problem The Terra might face was due to leaving his meatballs to get cold. And he probably didn’t wear a groin guard, so we hope he didn’t damage his nuts.

What do you think, did Matt Serra do the right thing saving waiters?

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