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Matt Serra says he loves the Diaz brothers, calls Conor McGregor a dumb fucker

Matt Serra says he loves the Diaz brothers, calls Conor McGregor a dumb fucker

In retirement Matt Serra is finally coming out his shell. Known for pulling off one of the biggest upsets in MMA history, his love for pizza as well as pastas, and the web show “Lookin’ for a Fight”, Serra has some UFC 196 hot takes fresh out of the oven for you. To summarize Matt Serra’s general thoughts: red sauce and the Diaz brothers are good while low carbohydrate meal plans and Conor McGregor’s pre-fight shit talk are bad.

Serra also called McGregor a dumb fucker while expressing his love for jiu-jitsu and all things Diaz brothers. When Serra speaks we listen. While appearing on the Three Amigos Podcast, Serra torched McGregor in a boiling hot meat sauce rant of epic (but reasonable) proportions.

“Not being a cock, but look at Conor. All the shit you talked, take a nap, man. It’s not like your arm was about to break. I understand you want your career and if it was a kneebar, you’ll be out for six months, but dude, if worst comes to worst, you’ll think you’re in your bedroom. That’s it. You’ll wake up like, ‘WTF,’ but everything will be alright.”

Serra would continue

“I was so f*cking happy seeing Nate win. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Conor McGregor, but the shit where he went in on Nate about teaching the kids jiu-jitsu, now look, it’s one thing to be witty and this and that, but now you’re writing some sh*t, trying to be clever…you know what? You start crossing lines and your karma is not good, either. You start making fun of the guys teaching jiu-jitsu classes…he could be out in the hood doing dirty sh*t, but he’s in there teaching kids martial arts, you dumb f*cker. How dare you. That’s f*cking stupid. You want to make your money, make your money, but that’s stupid.”

Check the full Matt Serra interview on the Three Amigos Podcast below, with “The Terror’s” interview coming in at the 36:40 mark of the audio.

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