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Report: Matt Hughes still not a good guy, hit with restraining order by wife for alleged domestic violence

Report: Matt Hughes still not a good guy, hit with restraining order by wife for alleged domestic violence

The story arc of Matt Hughes has taken a very bad turn. Really ugly and the type of details nobody wants to read about.

Hughes has always been a polarizing figure. The UFC Hall of Famer never had the best reputation for being a nice guy. He was an excellent fighter and world champion, but behind the scenes he was never the most popular.

Then in 2017, Hughes nearly died and his chance for redemption was there for the taking. It was there and now it looks like Matt Hughes has lost all of his goodwill yet again.

TMZ Sports the first with all the ugly details regarding Hughes and his wife Audra Hughes. A restraining has been filed and you can see why.

“It’s all part of court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which Audra Hughes describes a disturbing pattern of violence and abusive behavior beginning in 2017.

But, Audra says shortly after he recovered from the trauma in September or October 2017 … he roughed her up badly in the shower.

Audra claims she refused to give Matt his truck keys, saying, “I told him he can’t have them because he shouldn’t drive due to his DAI (brain injury).”

She alleges Matt then snapped … choked her — and asked her for the code to his gun vault.

When Audra refused again … she says Matt choked her again, smashed her head against the shower wall and screamed, “This is what choking is!”

Audra says nearly a year later on July 21, 2018 … Matt told her, “I’m going to f*cking shoot you,” because she took his phone, claiming, “he was communicating with multiple women.”

Audra also says just a few months later, on Dec. 12, 2018 … Matt hit her in front of her son, their daughter and her step-dad after she accused him of texting other women.”

But wait there is somehow more details of Hughes just not being all there and attacking others.

“Mark says the two had a disagreement over which brother actually OWNS the tractor … and when Matt saw Mark’s 15-year-old son driving it sometime later on Sept. 23, 2018 — he lost it on the kid.

Mark alleges Matt grabbed his son, shook him and told him that’s his “f*cking tractor.”

Mark also says a week later on Sept. 30, 2018 … he believes Matt doused the tractor and its surrounding area in gasoline — and suspects he was trying to destroy it.”

Welp, there is nothing more to say. Matt Hughes clearly needs helps. This goes behind just being a horrible husband, father and brother. Dude, really needs help and hopefully he finds it before he or someone else gets seriously hurt.

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