Matt Brown On Jon Jones VADA Positive Test: ‘It’s Just F—ng Terrible, Man.’

UFC Welterweight Contender Disgusted By Controversial Jon Jones’ Recent Drug Test Fiasco

Last week news broke that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has tested positive for a Turinabol metabolite for post-fight UFC 232 drug test administered by VADA. As per some experts ‘Bones’ didn’t reingest the banned substance but rather it’s the same metabolites that he originally popped for at UFC 214. According to the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), Jones will not get any suspension. The lingering substance triggered due to “pulsing” and it could continue to show on his system for a long time.

As per UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance, Jeff Novitzky, the resurfacing of long term metabolite could be due to exercise and weight cutting.

We haven’t heard any word from Jon Jones and UFC as of yet. Pro fighters already expressed their displeasure on this matter and now longtime UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown said this whole controversy is disgusting. (h/t MMAMania)

“It’s just fucking terrible, man. I can’t understand why – if they’re gonna let him do it, let him do it, right? Why not let us all do steroids, whatever,” Brown said. “People are just gonna do it. Otherwise, ban these sons of bitches, you know? Either you can do it or you can’t. Why are we in this gray area? It’s garbage.”

Of course, Jon Jones drug testing abnormality before the fight led the UFC to move the entire event from low tax zone Las Vegas to higher tax state California. Brown isn’t buying this and slams UFC for lack of integrity.

“I think it was just a poor decision at that point,” he said. “They’ve been (in existence) for almost 30 years now, the UFC. You’re gonna make some bad decisions, and I think that was a bad decision. It just takes away from it and it really makes me sad because I want to see our sport grow with integrity and organically, but that’s what it is. They’ve got to make some money so who am I to say anything?”

Jon Jones is slated to defend his title against Anthony Smith at UFC 235 in March.

Matt Brown last fought in November 2017, where he scored an emphatic elbow knockout win against Diego Sanchez, that victory snapped his three-fight skid. He holds a record of 21-16, with 19 wins by stoppage.

Do you agree with Brown’s statement on Jon Jones?

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  1. It is getting pretty sad to see and hear MMA fighters like Brown complain about the JBJ picogram issue. You think they are smart enough to understand what this testing is all about but they only go as far as not even understanding the basic issue.
    All the testing USADA, VADA, NSAC…etc can only go as far as the law allows them to go. If they try to punish JBJ “Again”, they will be sued “Millions” of dollars!!! Please get this Mr. Brown! With all the knowledge that the Doctors and scientist have looked at…there is no re-consumption of the steroid oral turinabol. They have measured the biological markers that changes with the consumption of oral turinabol if JBJ had consumed oral turinabol again but no changes have been found. Which means, he hasn’t retaken the steroid. As of now, only the long term metabolites shows up periodically specially after weight loss or hard training. You can’t punish because you don’t like the man! They have already punished him and all the agencies understand any further charges will only give JBJ millions of dollars in law suites. The reason this has happen in the first place is JBJ took this to arbitration. All he other fighters who had to oral turinabol come up in their sampling could have chosen to do the same but they didn’t. It is not JBJ responsibility to do it for them. He showed them how they should stand up for themselves but none have to this date. So, all this complaining falls on death ears! JBJ is getting tested like no others fighter ever has. If he comes up with the parent compound, the early and mid metabolite or changes in his biological markers…”Then” that is when he will be hit with the 4 years or be completely removed from competing in MMA!


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