Matheus Scheffel Upsets Bruno Cappelozza At PFL 5 – (Highlights)

The 2021 PFL Heavyweight Champion went down

Photo credit: PFL

In the final heavyweight fight of the 2022 PFL season, Bruno Cappelozza and Matheus Scheffel fought in the main event.

Round 1:

No touch of gloves for the heavyweights. Scheffel threw the first punch, and Cappelozza landed a kick. Cappelozza landed a hook and another heavy leg kick. Cappelozza blocked a 1-2 from  Scheffel. A leg kick from Scheffel got Cappelozza’s attention. Cappelozza landed a 1-2, followed by a power hook. Leg calf kick from Scheffel hurt Cappelozza. A push kick from Cappelozza was followed by another leg kick from Scheffel. 1;32 Scheffel threw a high kick. A right hand landed and rocked Cappelozza. Cappelozza shot for a takedown, but Scheffel stuffed it. Scheffel landed another punch that wobbled Capp and then rushed him. Scheffel didn’t capitalize on Cappelozza being hurt, and the round ended.

A huge missed opportunity from Scheffel.

Round 2:

Cappelozza looked to be recovered, and the pair of Brazilians touched gloves. Both fighters exchanged jabs. 1-2 from Cappelozza, followed by a hook to the body. Cappelozza landed a combo, but then Scheffel counted and landed a punch of his own. Scheffel landed a leg kick that appeared to hurt Cappelozza. Cappelozza partially blocked a jab and hook from  Scheffel. Both fighters exchanged heavy low kicks. 1:38 left and a not much action between the heavyweights. Cappelozza landed a body shot, and Scheffel landed a quick combo. Thirty-three seconds left in the fight, and Cappelozza shot for a takedown, but Scheffel stuffed it. The round ended with both fighters in the middle of the cage.

Round 3:

The final round started, and both fighters fired off a combo. A minute into the round, both fighters were just exchanging a punch at a time. A left hand landed for Scheffel. A heavy leg kick got checked by Cappelozza. 2:39 left, and Cappelozza landed a 1-2, followed by a body shot. Cappelozza shot for a takedown, but once again, it was stuffed by Scheffel. Ninety seconds left in the fight, and Cappelozza landed a jab. Cappelozza went up with a high kick, but Scheffel blocked it. Scheffel landed a leg kick with 30 seconds left in the fight. Two high kicks from Scheffel ended the fight.

Results: Matheus Scheffel defeated Bruno Cappelozza via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)



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