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Jorge Masvidal Wants to Break Kamaru Usman’s Face, Beat Him “In A Bad Way”

Jorge Masvidal Wants to Break Kamaru Usman’s Face, Beat Him “In A Bad Way”

Jorge Masvidal is Focused on Taking Kamaru Usman’s Title

After UFC 246, UFC “BMF” champion Jorge Masvidal was hoping to receive a callout from Conor McGregor. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, Conor set his sights on a potential rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov. However, recent events gave MMA a new feud between Masvidal and UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. The two appeared to have an altercation that was filmed in which no physical harm was done to anyone. Now that the beef is heating up, Masvidal is ready to break Usman’s jawn for the welterweight crown.

The focus between both Usman and Masvidal changes almost weekly at the point. First, they both had their attention to other competitors. Usman saw himself facing a deserving contender in Leon Edwards while Masvidal was looking for a massive payday against Conor McGregor. Now that the two hate each other, the focus is zeroed in on their counterparts.

Masvidal Speaks About the Welterweight Title and Usman’s Jaw

Jorge recently spoke to the media during the UFC 247 scrums. During the conversation, he spoke about wanting to win the welterweight title. And, Masvidal mentioned wanting to do it by breaking Usman’s face. Which seems to be an ongoing theme between both men.

“I’d break his face. I’d f**k his a** up,” said Masvidal “(The UFC Welterweight title) definitely signifies something. But, more than that, beating Usman in a really bad way would be better for me in a way. He’s got a couple victories against a couple of my teammates, so I definitely got to represent for ATT there and take his head off,” finished Jorge.

Starting a Rivalry

The heated rivalry was initially not on the radar of any fans. However, now that both men are displaying a disdain for each other, everyone is simply waiting for the matchup to be made. With such a heated buildup, fans may finally change their tune on Usman.

In the past, fans have been skeptical about Usman’s ability to sell a fight. However, as long as he keeps making rivals along the way, maybe his featured cards will continue to grow at the box office.

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