Jorge Masvidal Plans to Provide Aid to Australian Wild Fires

Jorge Masvidal Australia
Jorge Masvidal - Image via @gamebredfighter Instagram

BMF Champion Jorge Masvidal to Help with Australian Bush Fires

At UFC 244, Jorge Masvidal became the first and only “BMF” champion after defeating Nate Diaz. And, with that title, comes great responsibility. Some people view the title as a prop due to UFC 244 not having an actual title fight. But, Masvidal has fully embraced the role of being a BMF. In fact, he’s always been one. To take the new title to further heights, Jorge decided to be a BMF outside of the octagon as well. Masvidal plans on heading to Australia to aid with putting out wildfires causing chaos all over the country. Honestly, it doesn’t get anymore BMF than that.

The Australian wild bush fires have taken over parts of southeast Australia. A total of around 146 fires are currently burning across the state. About 65 are uncontained, according to the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSWRFS) with about 2,700 firefighters undertaking the flames on Sunday.

Masvidal Tweets His Plans For the Fires

Masvidal took to social media to announce that he would be in Australia in a month. Furthermore, he explained that would like to contribute to putting out the fires. Not only does Jorge want to donate monetarily, but he also wants to do the work physically.

“I’ll be in #Australia in February and would like to help. Proceeds from my visit will go to help but I also want to physically help put out the fires #theresurrection,” wrote Masvidal on Twitter.

Other Fighters React

The offering showed Masvidal’s willingness to get out there and do the physical work. Which honestly is what many depict when they think about being a BMF. Somebody who doesn’t make excuses, and will do whatever it takes to get results.

Many other Australian fighters reached out to Masvidal after he made the announcement. The likes of Tyson Pedro, Tai Tuivasa, and more are all waiting for Masvidal’s arrival in order to begin working.

Being a BMF means more than just flashing around the main event title. Sometimes the action is the leader over talking, and Jorge is living up to name.

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