Masakazu Imanari’s five fight winning streak came to an end at Deep 52, but the video of the bout is still amazing

Remember how you used to walk on your ankles and could do fun stuff like put socks on them — maybe throw on a tattoo if you’re a girl (or a Mets fan)? Well Masakazu Imanari will cut short all of that ankle fun you’ve enjoyed your entire life in a way that will have you screaming and tapping out in complete awe. Imagine if Brazilian jiu-jitsu had a bastard cousin, one that only gets let inside the house on weekends and sleeps on towels. This bastard cousin was named ‘Tourettes Jiu-Jitsu’ and was only taught to Masakazu Imanari. That pretty much sums up his method of removing all mobility in your ankles. He is the only guy that can pull of sitting in the middle of a ring and still get the win (or at least he should have). If you love personal mobility, stay away from Imanari. Let me reiterate that for all those people that don’t know what the word ‘mobility’ means (stay in school kids). If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life in a Hoveround, keep your distance from Masakazu Imanari.

Last weekend at Deep 52, Masakazu Imanari was served his first L in two years when he lost a unanimous decision to Hiroshi Nakamura. It’s cool though, the bout wasn’t for the title. Instead, it was just an exhibition as to how amazing Imanari really is. Check out this video of Masakazu Imanari at Deep 52 being himself — which will probably blow your mind in some roundabout way. [Source]

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