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Marvin Vettori Looks To “Bring The Fight’ To Israel Adesanya: ‘I Want To Finish This Guy’

Marvin Vettori gives his prediction for his UFC 263 title fight rematch against Israel Adesanya

Marvin Vettori Looks To “Bring The Fight’ To Israel Adesanya: ‘I Want To Finish This Guy’

The first time that Marvin Vettori fought Israel Adesanya, he lost a close split decision. Now he plans on picking up the pace in the second fight, and not leave it in the hands of the judges.

When Vettori and Adesanya first squared off, it was 2018 and both men were still early in their careers. Marvin lost a close fight on the judges’s scorecards, with many believing that his wrestling pressure at the end of the fight should have earned him the win.

Since then, Izzy has gone on to become champ, and even have a failed attempt to capture a second belt. Whereas Marvin has gone on to win 5 straight bouts, which has led to the two facing off again, this time for the middleweight strap, at UFC 263.

Izzy Is Only Cocky When He Can Be

One of the things that Israel Adesanya is known for, is his braggadocios nature, even going as far as humping opponents after finishing them. However Marvin Vettori seems to think that this is only a facade.

Speaking in a recent interview, the challenger explained that Adesanya’s cockiness seems to evaporate when he faces adversity. If a fight is close, he goes from being over confident to trying to be everyone’s friend.

“Whatever he wants to do, he can do it. He’s the kind of guy that likes to be cocky, just when he knows he can. Then when he can’t be cocky no more, he just wants to be your friend,” Vettori said.

“I’ve seen him try to be friendly after the fight, like he did with Jan (Blachowicz), and like he did with me, the first time back then. Like ‘Oh, I’m going to come and train with you after the fight.’ So it is what it is, I’m going to be the best version of myself. Whatever he’s going to bring, I’ll be ready.”

Marvin Vettori Is Gunning For A Finish

Things went to a decision in the first fight between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori. This arguably cost the Italian the fight, as while one judge scored the fight for him, the other two saw it for Adesanya.

This is a mistake that Marvin does not plan to make again. He hopes to push the pace in such a way that he can get a finish against the champ, or at a bare minimum leave no doubt in anyone’s mind who won the fight.

“I want to finish this guy man. I really want to finish this guy Israel, and like leave no doubt, and I think I can. But if not, you know, he’s solid. His fighting is solid. He’s slippery, he’s able to get away from positions. So if not, I’ll just beat him every round. I can’t let any round get close. I’ll win the fight, for sure,” Vettori said.

Marvin Vettori will have the chance to avenge his loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 263, on June 12th. Both men have improved since their first meeting, so it will be interesting to see which man has made the better adjustments.

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