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Marvel at Esther Lin’s most intimate photos from UFC 156 in a video breakdown

Marvel at Esther Lin’s most intimate photos from UFC 156 in a video breakdown

If Esther Lin decided to stop shooting MMA and began stalking celebrities in LA for paparazzi-type work, she’d single-handedly cause more celebrity divorces than any other photographer before her. Each week, we’d get embarrassing up-skirts as Lindsay Lohan exits vehicles, single-finger salutes as Justin Bieber cuts everyone off in traffic, and something arbitrarily entertaining happening every time she’s near Charlie Sheen. While we’d all point and laugh, it would be a complete waste of her talent. The world is a better place with Esther in it, and the video below is just another small reason why.

If we didn’t dwell on the past, we’d dwell on the future. That’s the beauty of photography – all of it is a snapshot in time, a frozen moment of reality. We marvel at these nanoseconds that evoke raw emotion and sudden glimpses of inspiration towards the future. That’s deeper than I wanted to take it. Way too deep. This always seems to happen when Esther drops one of these videos on us, yet we tear up and click the play button anyway.

Just kidding, we don’t cry. We do enjoy these photos though.

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