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Martin Kampmann thinks GSP should be writing him ‘thank you’ notes

Martin Kampmann thinks GSP should be writing him ‘thank you’ notes

I don’t think anyone owes me any thank you notes, but I would like to request an I’m sorry note from whatever mad scientist has genetically engineered two clones in the form of Martin Kampmann and Mark Hominick. These two look so much alike that everytime I’m reading news about either one of them I get confused and am not quite sure which is which. To make matters worse, they both appear to go to he same barber. If you don’t believe me just look at this side by side pic of each of them.


The resemblance is somewhat uncanny. The only way I really know the difference between the two of these guys depends upon who they mention fighting in an interview. Hominick has battled and been the rpoud recipient of a Jose Aldo induced forhead hematoma and Kampmann has went to a somewhat controversial war with Diego Sanchez. Otherwise you could exchange either guys headshots in a story and I probably wouldn’t notice the difference right away. Clearly since he’s talking GSP-this story is all about Martin Kampmann.

Kampmann has been gunning for a title shot in the Welterweight division for quite sometime and thinks


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