Martin Kampmann promises he will defeat Jake Shields and send him back to Strikeforce

Before UFC 103, It’s arguable that Martin Kampmann really only lost one fight in his career which was against Nate Marquardt by TKO via punches. His other ‘L’ was against Andrei Semenov in M-1 Global. The fight had to be stopped because of a ‘cut’ which is sort of a garbage reason to stop anything. A cut never stopped me from waking up when my old functional alcoholic neighbor starts screaming at the guy below me because his Nissan Sentra was ‘too yellow’. I’m not even making that up.

Now everyone set aside the time at UFC 103 when Paul Daley sent The Hitman astral traveling at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX. Semtex is banned from every entering an octagon again, so we can all chalk off that fight as a technical error in MMA. Last October, Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann were supposed to brawl for a title shot. That would have happened roughly around UFC 112. Swick pulled out, Hardy got the shot, Koscheck beat the guy who was about to get the shot, and we all remember what happened there.

We’re just a few hours away from Jake Shields UFC debut (I know it feels strange reading those words), and Martin Kampmann promises that he will knockout Jake Shields and send him back to Strikeforce.

“I feel the pressure’s more on him to come in cause they’re hyping him a lot, and I feel great. I’ve fought in the UFC a lot, and the UFC’s my home. I’m not letting him come in here and think he’s the [expletive].

I’m going to whoop his ass and send him back to Strikeforce.”

“It’s pretty obvious what he tries to do in fights. He tries to take people down and get that top position, and he likes to work from mount as well, and back mount, and he tries to go for submissions. He don’t really do much stand-up; that’s what I see every time he fights.

“I’m prepared for everything, but that’s how he fights all his fights.”

Dana White has stated that if Shields can pull off a dominate victory, he will be next in line for the winner of Josh Koscheck vs. Georges St. Pierre. Somewhere in California, Jon Fitch just threw a chair at his computer monitor. Props to MMAWeekly for the picture. [Source]

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