Mark Pavelich talks about UFC’s potential lawsuit against MFC

Most of my friends in Los Angeles are really cool attorneys that like to get drunk at medieval themed restaurants. Granted, ‘really cool’ and ‘attorney’ should never be placed in the same sentence in correlation with each other. Anyone that attempts to jack my money should be seen as a potential threat to my existence, including ex-girlfriends and the guy that always over charges me at Macho Tacos. MiddleEasy has received a healthy dose of cease and desist letters and legal threats over the years from a potpourri of organizations across the country. However, never have we gone on camera to talk about it in front of a fireplace. Perhaps that’s why Mark Pavelich is an ‘alpha’, and we’re all just beta fishes swimming in his pond. Check out this interview from TopMMANews of Mark Pavelich discussing his legal woes from UFC against MFC and that he would self-represent MFC in court if needed. Don’t worry, the video is cued up for your pleasure.

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