Mark Pavelich says he will be #2 in the MMA world or die trying

If you’re a vampire hunter, getting second place in any event will ensure that you have more material to get your job done. If you didn’t get that, then you have a social life — and I envy you. A few months ago Mark Pavelich sent me an email asking me to follow him on Twitter. I told him I would, but only if he would follow me. Dude never responded but I still decided to follow him because I’m a good person and don’t abduct cats at night. I’m not implying Mark Pavelich abducts cats, he probably doesn’t. I’m just telling you I don’t abduct cats too.

Last night, Mark Pavelich tweeted (twatted?) that his MFC organization will be the number ‘two’ MMA promotion in the world or he will die trying, 50 Cent style. Pavelich also added ‘I’m not kidding’ at the end to squash all the rumors that his claim was some elaborate joke. [Source]

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