Mark Pavelich just cut the entire MFC lightweight division

Canadian MMA just became a little sweeter in Pavelichistan. Mark Pavelich just cut an entire division because he thinks it’s an awesome way to motivate the remaining fighters on his roster to make weight and avoid wrestling at all costs. Time will tell if the brilliant idea lasts, but if this decision ultimately fails to please him, ‘The Pav’ can always install electric shock collars on their necks and remotely zap his fighters whenever they take a step backwards. Alternatively, Canadian MMA enthusiasts can stop watching MFC altogether and just YouTube their favorite fighters’ highlight reels to get their MMA fix in between Canadian UFC cards. By the looks of it, this scenario might become a reality if the MFC president continues to cut entire divisions because a couple of fighters missed weight. You might think this is out of context and we’re trying to misinterpret his words, so we’ve provided you the video of him saying it. Take a step back, remove your baseball cap or religious headwear, and pledge allegiance to this man’s totalitarian creativity.

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