Mark Pavelich enacts an MFC ban on Gammo-O sponsorship

When it comes to finding a banner picture for Mark Pavelich, there’s one that dominates them all — I’ll give you a hint as to which it is. Fortunately for MiddleEasy, we think ‘outside the cage’ when it comes to imagery and ‘inside the cage’ when it comes to cheesy and overused MMA cliches. In a perfect world, that statement should make your brain splatter all over the wall due to sheer ingenuity. However, we’re not in a perfect world, and it’s evidenced by Kristin Kreuk having no idea who I am.

Last night, drowned in the oppressive Texas humidity, I managed to have a 30-minute conversation on the sheer complexity of Mark Pavelich’s personality. He’s a man of many words, and most of them with a Canadian accent. Now it appears that Mark Pavelich has effectively banned all Gammo-O sponsorship in MFC due to the company allegedly not paying up for very hefty debts.

From: Mark Pavelich

Recent events regarding a certain sponsorship company have prompted me to write to all of you.

As of June 15, 2011, all fighters participating in MFC events will NOT be permitted to display the logo of Gamma-O on any apparel (ex: shorts, t-shirts, caps) or corner banner and they will NOT be permitted to verbally acknowledge Gamma-O in any pre- or post-fight interview airing on live television.

The reason behind this move is quite simple. Gamma-O has been in arrears to Maximum Fighting Inc. for a significant amount of money for over two years, and there has been next to no effort made by the owner of this company to pay this money. To be clear, this is not a minor sponsorship that has gone unpaid. I am talking about a large, five-figure sum that has not been paid.

I appreciate that all of you work hard to get all the sponsorship money you can, but so do I. Corporate sponsorship is the backbone of the MFC’s financial structure. Therefore it makes no sense to me why Gamma-O’s logo should be allowed to be prominently displayed at MFC events yet it is a company that owes Maximum Fighting Inc. a great deal of money.

Once Gamma-O has paid its past due account in full, fighters will be allowed to wear that logo at MFC events again. But until that happens, I have taken this necessary measure. It is simply bad business to let this slide any longer.

Mark Pavelich, Owner/President
Maximum Fighting Championship

The Pavelich hammer has been dropped, and it makes Thor’s weapon of choice look like a tool in a Tonka playset.

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